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On the surface, it might seem that writing a marketing plan is a simple assignment. Nevertheless, it is a labor-intensive process that will take you much time and effort. You will have to gather relevant consumer data, research the market, define the competitive advantages of the product, and determine possible risks and pitfalls. Good news, you will probably receive this information from your professor for your college and high school projects. Bad news, it will not help you much. If you believe the task is too demanding, you can order it from a professional marketing plan writing service. It is a viable option that will help you carve out some time for more interesting tasks and occupations.

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Peculiarities of Marketing Writing

The tone of your marketing plan will largely define the attitude of the intended customers to your product and you as a business person. Therefore, you should choose words and build sentences very carefully. First, define whether you want to sound serious or friendly. Next, determine whether your clients want a short and highly informative message or can read a longer and thus a more detailed plan. Of course, everything depends on prospective clients and the product or service you are going to offer them.

No matter what approach you choose, there are some basic points to be discussed in your marketing plan assignment to make it more convincing and substantial:

  • Define the problem in the market and explain how your product or service can help with it;
  • Stress that urgent actions are needed to resolve the problem;
  • Explicate why your company is different, and why customers should choose you;
  • Add feedback from satisfied clients (if you have some);
  • Justify your price and describe payment options;
  • Finally, offer some discounts for first-time purchases or referrals. Provide some quality proofs.

These are only some basic points which you should consider before starting working on your assignment. Below, there is a table highlighting more details about such a writing project. Examine it to learn more about the specifics of creating marketing plans.

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Core Elements of a Marketing Plan Essay

Before listing the core elements of a marketing plan assignment and explaining their main functions, it is first necessary to find out what the very project is. So, it is the so-called roadmap used by business entities to develop an effective marketing strategy and see whether it is successful at achieving the set marketing goals. As to the major purpose of such a document, it helps keep the devised strategies neatly organized and, as a result, evaluate the success of the conducted campaign. This document helps focus on such aspects as buyer personas, company mission, budget and other elements. Having this data presented in one place, it is easier to track the campaign and see what works well for it and what doesn’t.

A custom marketing plan essay consists of several structural sections each of which serves its specific purpose. Let’s discuss it more closely.

Business Mission

This is the first step that had to be taken. It has to be presented in a coherent manner. The formulated mission has to fully correspond to the company’s one.

Key performance indicators

The KPIs help track the mission mentioned above. These are specific indicators that help set long-term marketing goals in terms of a business mission and communicate the achieved results to business leaders.

Buyer personas

Buyer personas are a collective image of the clients you want to interested in your product or service. The parameters to consider are age, location, sex, family, job position. Buyer personas should reflect both current and prospective customers.

Marketing strategy

It has to give consumers a clear understanding about how the company operates what it offers, and why its services or products should be used.

Possible omissions

Your project should show not only the points it is focused on but also those which it isn’t. The so-called omissions provide a reasonable background for your mission statement, KPIs, buyer personas, etc.


This is a very important part which outlines all possible expenses. There may be many hidden expenses, so this section helps not get caught inro a trap set by those.

Market niche and competitors

You need to know who your competitors are, what marketing goals they pursue, and what competitive advantages of their products are. This section has to provide the so-called profiles of your main opponents.

Obviously, marketing plan writing is not so easy. More so, quality content is not necessarily a guarantee of success. You will have to organize all your thoughts in a very clear, understandable, and logical manner. In order to create a good marketing plan essay, you will first spend a lot of time in the library and the Internet to compile information to understand the market and the chosen market niche, as well as customers and trends. Then, you will spend even more time on sticking things together. Sounds like a nightmare! If you do not want to deal with this monster on your own, request marketing plan assignment help from our company. Our experienced writers will craft a solid marketing plan for you that will clearly communicate your aim, marketing goals, and success plan.

Marketing Plans and Business Plans: Which One to Create?

Many people confuse these two terms what results in the preparation the wrong documents that do not serve the purposes of a particular business. We offer you to examine the matter in detail to be able to differentiate between these two projects. So:


Marketing Plan

Business plan


It is focused on providing customers with information about the offered products and services.

It covers every single aspect of business, i.e. operations, supply chains, human resource, etc.


It covers a shorter time frame that ranges from 1 to 3 years.

It usually covers a very long period of time, e.g. 5 years.


It is usually updated every year to address yearly budgeting needs to see how resources between different departments can be allocated.

It rarely needs updates unless there are some serious changes in the business such as new products categories, new business specifics, etc.


It is a very important document for the internal company’s use. It helps companies identify the most useful marketing strategy with the purpose of achieving success in the desired market niche.

It shows how a company works and why it takes a particular direction. It describes the processes of running the company.

These are the main points that differentiate these two documents. The easiest way to remember the difference between them is to keep in mind that a marketing plan is a part of a business one. However, if it is hard for you to deal with this stuff, refer to our custom marketing plan writing service. We have qualified specialists on our team to assist you with your project.

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Hire Professional Marketing Plan Writers to Get Valuable Assistance

Our writing experts know how, what, and where to write. They have prepared so many marketing plans that can cope with your assignments no matter its complexity. Drawing on their expertise and experience in writing, they understand how important this document is. This piece of writing should demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and basic marketing terms and theories. In addition, your marketing plan should be clear and logical so that your professor or investors can see that you and your company can achieve success in the defined industry.

Our custom marketing plan writers are native English-speakers that are able to write premium-quality assignments. They have skills; they have knowledge; they have experience; in a nutshell, they have everything to provide you with a winning paper. During the writing process, you can message your writer with any questions about your project. Being our client means receiving the projects that exceed your expectations since we always carefully follow your instructions.

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Distinguished Marketing Plan Writing Service – Substantial Benefits

Looking for those who could help you with your personal marketing plan assignment, you expect to receive not only real writing help but also some superior perks, reliable guarantees, and incredible advantages. is the agency that cares about its customers in all terms. We have a well-developed system of guarantees, great benefits, and even free options. Have a look at the points presented below:


    We offer a flexible pricing policy with numerous discounts. Our rates are based on the academic level, number of pages, urgency, and kind of project ordered. Even if your task is of great urgency, you will afford to use our writing services. As to the discounts, they range from 5 to 15 % and are given to both new and regular clients.


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    When contacting us for custom marketing plan writing help, you get an opportunity to take part in our affiliate program. It allows you to earn some cash bonuses and use them to buy papers from us. You just need to bring your friends to our writing service. Feel free to read about this program on our website or contact our support team for more details.


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    If you need your assignments to be completed and delivered to you on schedule, our writing service is what should opt for. We understand that timely submitted papers is a must for each student who wants to get high grades and avoid failure. With our team, it is possible. We work according to the deadlines imposed by our users. No extensions are possible without our clients’ consent.


    Original Content

    No one will doubt the originality of your paper since our works are created from scratch. The sources used are always cited accordingly. Additionally, each produced text is tested for authenticity by a special computer application. If required, our users can order a specific VIP option and receive a detailed plagiarism report.


    Personal Marketing Plan Writing Help

    It means that we guarantee total privacy. No one will know you asked us for help. Besides, we never share any details about those who refers to our writing services. The data about our customers’ orders is also kept safe. It is also worth admitting that our website is protected by special programs what guarantee its proper operation.


    Qualified Staff

    We are proud of our expert writing team proficient in literally every domain and field of study. No matter the subject which you need your project in, our distinguished marketing plan writers can help you. Note that we also have experienced editors on our team. So, if you have written your work on your own and want to make certain it is error-free, use our editing services.

Apart from the featured highlighted above, we also offer our clients a free revision service. We always write papers to the point and according to customers’ specific requirements. Still, if you see that some points are discussed inappropriately, i.e. not in line with your instructions, you may request a free revision. If your work includes 1-19 pages, the option is available with 48 hours after the delivery dat. In case of 20+ page papers, the option is provided within 30 days after the deadline. Remember that your initial directions have to remain the same.

In addition to that, our customers may also refer to our refund guarantee. What is it about? If you claim that your work doesn’t satisfy your demands even after a revision, you have 14 days after the specified date in the order form to request a refund. Your refund application has to be based on concrete facts and arguments that prove our writer’s fault. Then, your case will be reviewed by our Refund Department and you will be responded within several working days, i.e. 3 or 4.

We work hard to help you boost your academic performance. Dismiss your doubts and contact us and say, “Write my marketing plan!” Our distinguished marketing plan writing service is the best option for you!

How to Order a Marketing Plan

  • Place an order on our website and provide precise directions.

  • Pay for your order, and we will start working on it immediately.

  • The assigned writer will explore the topic thoroughly.

  • Your project will include accurate data about the topic.

  • If you have any questions about your order, contact our support agents.

  • Receive a superb marketing plan.

Detailed Process of Ordering a Custom Marketing Plan from Us

Ordering our writing service from our company is the best decision you can make. So, to get started, you should:

  1. Fill in the order form with all the instructions and materials you have. Remember to set an appropriate deadline, indicate a correct number of pages, spacing, topic, etc.
  2. Proceed to the payment. Once you pay, we will immediately assign a writer to work on your order.
  3. Get the text tested. When your paper is ready, it will be checked for plagiarism.
  4. Get your assignment. Now, you can download the assignment of your dream.

We offer high quality at a reasonable price. What can be better? In addition, our clients can address any questions or inquires to our professional customer support team available 24/7. When you entrust your assignments to our professionals, you can be sure that the paper of high quality will be delivered to you according to the set deadline. Testimonials

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