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Rewriting is a task that involves rewording a paper by changing the word choice, structure, and/or format without changing its general idea. Since it does not require a person to come up with new information, it might seem an easy thing to do. But, in reality, it is challenging and time-consuming, especially for those who do not have strong writing skills or have limited time. If this is the case for you, you can use an essay rewriting service from We are a legit and reliable writing company offering all sorts of writing services to students and professionals for many years now. All you need to do is to send us your rewrite my paper request, and we can easily take the stress of essay or article rewriting away from you.

When creating some content, people tend to find some sources online, copy various bits of information, and hope it will turn out to be coherent text. Unfortunately, it does not work this way. The ideas might be good, but there is a risk of being accused of plagiarism. Besides, such an approach leads to a lack of flow and clarity or outright wrong information in the paper. Rewriting services from is a solution if you are worried about the quality of your own writing, plagiarism, or clarity. Our essay rewriter will ensure the natural flow, improve the vocabulary, guarantee plagiarism-free writing, and take any other necessary measures to perfect your text. It will be done fast, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

What Is Paper Rewriting?

Rewriting is about making the existing content better without changing the meaning. Different content requires improving to a different extent. In some cases, it would be enough to change the word choice, use synonyms, or edit punctuation. Some other texts might need complete rephrasing and restructuring of ideas. Both students and professionals commonly use rewriting. For example, a professor might ask a student to rewrite an essay to discuss the topic in a clearer way. In a professional setting, a person can be asked to rewrite content if it does not perform well or does not fulfill its purpose. Here is what the rewriting process might involve:

Changing headlines

Reworking or replacing headlines is a usual thing in a professional setting if a person works in marketing. It might be necessary to make sure an article or a blog post stands out. Additionally, an update of the text might also be done to make the content conform to the headline.

Content rewriting

This practice is equally often used by students and professionals. While students rewrite for better grades, professionals do it for better performance of their SEO blogs. In both cases, it involves a major redoing of the body of the piece.

Partial rephrasing

It is used when the content is good, but some phrases contain copy-pasted information from sources. Usually, long direct quotes are frowned upon even if there is a proper in-text citation. In other words, partial paraphrasing is applied for better originality.

Regardless of whether you are a student or a professional in the need of rewriting help, feel free to reach out to Our content rewriter can do this tedious task for you and make your text its best version possible. We will make sure it is clear, original, and effective. All you need to do is to send us your re write my paper request. 

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Why Would I Need to Rewrite My Essay?

Any article you find online and any essay you have ever written have something to improve in them. It concerns even the best pieces. So, any text needs some sort of rewriting, be it major or minor. In addition, rewrites are not only necessary but also very useful because:

  • Rewrite brings out the best in the text

Even if the topic is engaging and ideas are unique, a reader might miss it all due to poor writing. Unclear sentence structures, spelling mistakes, lack of consistency, illogical transition, ambiguous wording, etc., ruin even awesome ideas. Rewriting enables one to get rid of anything bad, which distracts from the meaning.

  • Rewrite makes think of a reader

Any paper is a person’s interpretation of things, and they know exactly what they mean in each sentence. But the message can be totally lost on some readers. When one of those people is an instructor or a customer, it only makes matters worse. Rewriting, especially if done by a professional essay rephraser, allows looking at the paper from a new perspective. 

  • Rewrite makes paper original

The content of an article or an essay might contain some unintentional or deliberate plagiarism. It goes without saying that it is detrimental to both SEO and academic performance. At, plagiarism rewriter can help avoid bad consequences. Relying on our expertise, plagiarism detection tool, and deep knowledge of formatting styles, we can make sure any content is original. 

How Can I Rewrite My Paper Without Plagiarizing?

If you want to make sure your paper is not plagiarized, you should start by making sure you understand where rewriting ends and plagiarism begins. If you have a clear idea about it and know to stay on the right path, you avoid damage to your reputation. Have a look:


The original does not resemble the paraphrased text.

You acknowledge the source from which the idea was taken.

You use quotation marks when you have copy-pasted a sentence.

You add the used source to the reference list or bibliography.


The original can be recognized in the paraphrased text.

You do not mention the source from which the idea was taken.

You do not use quotation marks after you have copy-pasted a sentence.

You do not mention the used source in the reference list or bibliography.

How to Rewrite a Paper: The Main Steps to Follow

Rewriting can be boring and challenging, but it is possible to tackle it if one knows what to do. Our list of steps below will help you find your way in this process and deal with the task:

  • Step 1. Read the content that you have to rewrite a few times from A to Z. Remember that paraphrasing is about preserving the idea. So, you should clearly understand what message you have to convey.
  • Step 2. Jot down the key points, and they will serve as an outline for you. You will not omit any essential information and will have a chance to restructure the article. Besides, they will keep you focused on writing.
  • Step 3. Rewrite the content. Keep the original text by your side at all times. It might help if you highlight the parts that you have already covered in your new paper.
  • Step 4. Compare the original and the final text with a plagiarism detection tool. It will help you see issues if there are any. Paraphrase anything that, in your opinion, seems too similar even if the tool implies that you are good.
  • Step 5. Proofread and edit the content to avoid grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.
  • Step 6. Add in-text citations to the places where you use sources. Make sure your text has quotation marks around passages you have used without paraphrasing. Compile a reference list will all the sources in it. 

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Tips on How Rewrite a Text Well

If your instructor or boss asks you to rewrite your text, do not feel discouraged. It demonstrates that they really want you to learn. Here are a few tips that can help with rewriting and making a better impression:

  • Never rewrite a paper sentence by sentence. Read the piece from the beginning till the end and rework it as a whole. Otherwise, you are bound to find yourself encountering the exact same problems that made you rewrite the paper in the first place.
  • Never ignore or underestimate your instructor or boss’s comments and suggestions regarding the content. Think of what made them make such comments. Was it the lack of clarity on your side? Was it a poor structure?
  • Be it an essay or a blog post, the piece should have a thesis statement. Then, your main points should always connect back to your thesis. If you find any information that goes beyond its scope, eliminate it.
  • Use some creativity. If metaphors help you to draw parallels and make your paper more interesting, go with it!

With our steps and tips, you can rewrite a paper on your own. However, we warn you that it requires much patience, time, and diligence to do it well. More so, it demands objectivity, which is often hard to come up with if you are reworking your own paper. In such cases, you can always send your rewrite my paper request to We will be happy to provide you with top-notch writing and your ideas preserved. 

Can Somebody Rewrite My Essay for Me?

If you are struggling with rewriting and paraphrasing articles, essays, research papers or even re-doing your resume, is happy to assist. Our experts are always there to help you and get you the results that you need at an affordable price. With us, you get a professional essay or article rewriter who will:

  • give your content the right direction and convey important points more clearly,
  • follow your specific requests thanks to our individual approach,
  • deliver your paper on time and the way you want it,
  • use only pertinent and up-to-date sources to make your paper better,
  • adapt the content to your targeted audience,
  • be ready to provide rewriting or paraphrasing service at any time since we work 24/7,
  • revise your paper for free upon your request within 2 days after the deadline is over.

To use this help, just send us your rewrite my paper request, and we will pick the most qualified person on our team to help you out. They will do their best to ensure you are satisfied with the results. 

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Our Key Rewriting Services: From Article Rewriting to Books Rewriting

Thanks to many years on the market and excellent hiring processes, we have managed to gather and retain a large pool of writers with different fields of expertise and amount of experience. As a result, we can provide a wide range of writing and rewriting services regardless of the topic. Here are the key rewriting services that we offer:

  • Website content.

If you think that the content on your website is outdated or bland, you can hire our expert to make it livelier and more creative or appealing to your visitors. Just let us know what you need, be it a “Rewrite my paragraph” or “I want new headlines,” and we will do it.

  • Essays and other academic papers.

Our essay rewriting service is an ideal solution for students who need to rewrite a part of the paper or even the whole piece. No matter the topic and the type of paper (research paper, essay, coursework, thesis, dissertation, proposal, etc.), we have experts who can do real magic when it comes to your draft.

  • Blogs.

Blogs can grow and attract new audiences only if they are up-to-date and regularly updated with new content. Even if your articles have evergreen topics, it makes sense to brush the text up, review keywords, and make the content more relevant to the reader.

  • Speeches.

Speech is a type of writing where the feedback of another person is very valuable. If you have come up with a speech but are worried about the quality, can help. Our writer will improve the speech, eliminate irrelevant information, and make it engaging to the audience. All of this is thanks to the expertise and a fresh perspective.

  • Articles.

This service is useful for those who deal with the same topic a lot and are tired of writing about it all the time. Our writer can do qualified paraphrasing and rewriting of your own articles while preserving the meaning that you intend.

  • Books.

If you have written a book, you probably know it inside out. It is tough to look at it impartially and improve it. A professional writer can rewrite anything that you are unsure of and check on all aspects of the book, from content to commas. 

Why Choose Our Essay Rewriting Service

When looking for rewriting services, you will notice that there are plenty of options. Then, you will easily notice that stands out from the rest. Our writers are passionate about their work, and it shows in every order they complete. Here are the main reasons to choose our services:

  • Creative and individual approach. Your instructor or supervisor will be impressed. Our creative writers will produce engaging writing that you will be proud of.
  • We never plagiarize. We cannot speak for other companies, but at, our writers take the issue of plagiarism just as seriously as your institution does. Every order contains unique writing.
  • Proper formatting. They will use an appropriate formatting style, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other. Your writer is familiar with all the guidelines and standards and will take good care of the appearance of your paper.
  • No lateness. We are a trustworthy company that will deliver your rewritten papers according to your deadline even if it is short.
  • Confidentiality. Our cooperation will be protected by our strict privacy policy and cutting-edge encryption. Your personal data or payment details are in complete safety.
  • Affordable prices. The rates at allow everyone to get help if they need it. Besides, our prices are transparent, and our customers never face any hidden fees. 

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Essay Rewriter Tool vs. Human Essay Rewriter

Many students and professionals see no point in hiring a professional essay or article rewriter. They say, “Why would I hire anyone to reword my essay if I can do it online for free and faster?” Well, indeed, there is a huge number of various tools for rewriting, but none of them will produce result that is nearly as good as if done by a human expert. First, using some sentence rewriter online will lead to being accused of plagiarism. It will change some words with synonyms, and the piece will still resemble the original. Second, the algorithm can ruin the meaning and make the content repetitive. Third, the tool will never fix inconsistencies, logical fallacies, and even factual mistakes. Finally, the software cannot apply any creative solution to improve your content. In the end, you will have a different text but not better or even worse than the original piece. 

How to Hire an Expert to Rewrite My Paper?

Ready to ask us, “Rewrite my paper?” Here is how you should go about it:

  • Step 1. Carefully fill out an order form on our website. Provide clear details about the deadline, level of writing, topic, subject, etc. Attach or paste the text that is to be rewritten. Depending on the information you provide, the price will be determined.
  • Step 2. Make a secure payment with a credit card or PayPal. We guarantee the safety of the transaction and no additional fees out of blue.
  • Step 3. Stay in touch with us. We might reach out to clarify the details of the order. You may talk to your writer and track the order’s progress too. For that, log in to your account on our website.
  • Step 4. Receive your rewritten paper within your deadline and come back for more assistance from expert writers. 

How to Use Our Rewriting Service

  • Place an order and provide precise directions.

  • Pay for your order, and we will start working on it immediately.

  • Our specialist will examine the subject thoroughly.

  • Your paper will be rewritten by the best expert.

  • If any questions concerning your order arise, contact our support team.

  • Receive a properly rewritten paper.

Our Rewrite Article Service: The Benefits You Get

If you are still hesitating about whether you should get our help or not, think of all the benefits you can enjoy by delegating the job to You will save a huge amount of time and get an excellent result because our service is:

  1. User-friendly. It will take only a few minutes to place an order and make a payment. The process is easy and intuitive. And in case of any issues, there is our 24/7 support service ready to help.
  2. Personalized. We adapt to your needs and requirements. Regardless of whether you need us to rewrite a sentence, a paragraph, or an entire paper, we can do it. We will adjust the writing to your academic level or knowledge of English.
  3. Responsible. With, you will not have to worry about any form of plagiarism or grammar issues. We will do our job with a very responsible approach to details.
  4. Fast. Not only our writers are ready to start rewriting for you at any time but also do it within a very short timeframe. We deal with deadlines that are as short as 3 hours. Our team values your time and will deliver everything on time.
  5. Risk-free. Your personal data is safe with us. So are the credit card details or even your communication with your writer. Your privacy will not be put in danger here. 

Rewriting Services That Will Not Disappoint is a rewriting service that you can rely on in any situation. Whether you are asking us to rewrite an essay or a marketing article for your work, our writers are always up to the task! They are dedicated to their craft and always deliver results that cannot let you down. Such assistance comes at awesome rates and with quality guarantees. So, what are you waiting for? Get your rewriting help today! Testimonials

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