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It is every student’s aim to submit the best papers in order to get the highest grades. When learners are given an essay assignment to write, they should do a lot of work. Nonetheless, many students fail to submit the best papers because they don’t quite understand the rudiments of essay or article writing.

With essay or any type of article writing, the first rule is to stick carefully to the instructions provided by your tutor. A tutor will almost always specify the citation style required. Often, professors will also set out the topic or help the student select a suitable one for their essay. 

Many tutors will also assist students with creating their papers by showing them how to write an introduction to an essay and generally how to structure their work. In this respect, the tutor may partly manage the way the student handles the assignment in terms of paragraph writing and general essay construction. A tutor may, for example, ask the student to describe the topic before permitting him/her to move on to the information collecting and writing stages.

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When the topic has been agreed, the student may be instructed to collect a prescribed number of reliable references from online sources, journals, textbooks and so on. He/she may also be asked to provide a bibliography, annotated or otherwise. Another item the learner may be asked to submit for inspection is the thesis statement. Once this is approved, the student may be allowed to write the introduction to an essay before proceeding with body paragraph writing. Lastly, he/she will need to write a conclusion.        

This is one method a tutor may use to guide their students in essay writing and it may also constitute the way the grading is allocated. Because of this, it is essential to carefully adhere to the instructions provided. 

There are often some unspoken rules associated with essay writing. These rules include paying attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation and the way sentences are structured. Unfortunately, too often, students fail to attend carefully enough to these matters, even if the technical content of their papers is beyond reproach. Therefore, the result is an essay that is not as good as it could be.

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