FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I cannot successfully place my order on your website. The page keeps loading.

    Such problems are related to the size of the attached files that have exceeded the minimum limit. There are specific restrictions on how many files you can attach, so make sure that follow that limit. If you have a lot of materials there, send them to the customer support team via email. The agents will then forward them to your assigned writer.

  • I have picked not correct deadline/formatting type/writing type for my order when registering it online. Can I change that information?

    We do not allow clients to edit their order placement forms after registration. Once they have submitted the order, they can only provide updates with the help of customer support agents. So, just contact our team, provide the order ID, and inform us about the changes needed. If needed, you may have to pay a compensation for the difference in deadline or order complexity level whatsoever.

  • Can I ask my writer to add more pages to my order?

    When asking your writer to provide you additional pages, you will also have to pay additionally. To do so, you need to place a new additional order via the website. You need to find the order ID, click the “additional order” button, and submit it. Your assigned writer will correspondingly be notified and will add the necessary pages for you.

  • How can I be sure that someone is working on my paper?

    When a writer is assigned to work on your paper, you will see it in the order details. The writer`s ID will be displayed in the details.

  • Can I order a draft of my essay or research paper?

    Yes, we provide such option. You have to pay extra for the 1-page draft and it is normally delivered after half the deadline has expired.

  • How can I send a revision request to my writer?

    There is a “Revision request” button in the order details of every paper you buy from us. We provide a free revision period of two days after the deadline expiration if you want to send a revision of a short paper (less than 20 pages). In case you have ordered a paper, that is 20 pages and more, the free revision period is extended to 30 days from the time the order was delivered. Should you have any troubles, you can rely on our customer support agents.

  • How can I change the password to my account/my phone number or email address?

    All this information can be changed in the Profile section. There is an “Edit” option, so you are welcome to come up with any updates. Do not just forget to save the updates.

  • How long does it take for your company to find a writer for a newly placed order?

    We do our best to find a writer who best matches your qualifications and paper requirements within the shortest time possible. On average, depending on the complexity of instructions and urgency of delivery, it may take from a few minutes to a few hours.

  • I want my paper to be revised, but the free revision period has expired already. How to deal with it?

    There is a possibility to place a “Revision” order type for an additional payment. When placing a new order, you just have to choose “revision” among the order types option and then indicate the order ID that should be revised.

  • How I can get in touch with my writer?

    It is possible to message writers via the direct communication system in your personal cabinet. If you have sent a message, but the writer is not responding, then try contacting our live chat support. They will urgently forward your message to your writer and get a reply from him/her.

  • Where will I get my completed paper?

    Finished papers are available for download in the “Completed Orders” section. Just go to the “Files” tab in your online cabinet and download the needed one.

  • Can I get custom help with my online exam?

    We are capable of handling online test assignments. Just pick the necessary order type, i.e. “Online test,” and clarify whether we have available writers at the time required for the online test. You need to specify details as to what the test will be about, what knowledge or skills it aims to evaluate. Correspondingly, you need to provide your writer with all the materials needed for preparation. Remember to give your writer the credentials needed to log into the test website. Specify the exact time and time zone.

  • Can you help me with my coding assignment?

    Our company does not deal with IT assignments, coding or application development tasks.

  • How will I get notifications?

    Notifications are sent to clients` emails. We inform our customers about any activity related to their orders: updates, messages, and order delivery of course. Besides, it is possible to receive notifications via SMS, system messages, and calls.

  • How can I be sure that my order has been assigned and will be completed?

    Order details are seen to every client in his/her private account. Specifically, you can check this information in the order status. If it is “Processing,” it means that the writer has been assigned and he/she is working on the paper. If the order status says “Payment Verification,” you still have to pay for the paper or provide the company`s administration with a receipt. Finally, if the status is “Sent,” you just have to download the paper from the uploaded files.

  • When do I get my order?

    The order will be provided according to the deadline set by you originally in the order registration form. According to the company`s policy, the countdown begins once your order is submitted and verified.

  • I have troubles placing my essay order on your website. Why will not the site reload?

    Such glitches happen because of the exceeding size of the attached files. Try to send all those materials via email to the customer support team. They will then forward all the books, articles, and requirements to your writer. Also double-check if you have filled in all the required fields.

  • Where will be my paper when the writer completes it?

    You will be able to find the paper in the completed orders section under the tab “Files.” To download the paper, you will have to log into your personal cabinet.

  • I have problems with managing the payment process. What should I do?

    We do not control the payment processes and any pending issues directly, but we can help you out by forwarding your request to the Financial Department. To exclude any serious issues with the payment process, we recommend proceeding the financial operations from another web browser or by using another credit/ debit card.

  • Do you upload orders earlier if writers finish them well before the deadline?

    No, orders are uploaded approximately close to the deadline expiration. A due date is one of the factors that impacts the total order price, so if you want to get your paper earlier, you need to pay a compensation.

  • Do you forward finished papers via email upon completion?

    Papers are forwarded via the company`s online system, so you will find your completed paper in your personal account on the website. The files are available to download from there. Additionally, a link to your completed assignment will be emailed to you.

  • Should I pay additional price if I want to choose a preferred writer for my paper when picking a supreme level of writing?

    In case you purchase a package of supreme-level writing, you are guaranteed that your paper will be assigned to one of our company`s best 30 writers. However, if this option does not suit you, then definitely you can buy a separate preferred writer option. Our Writing Department will make sure that your paper is assigned to your preferred writer straight away. Note that a comprehensible plagiarism report will be provided to you.

  • I do not want to give your company my phone number. Can I skip this information?

    Clients are not actually obliged to provide contact numbers, but if they do, it will be easier for our company administration to get in touch with them in some urgent cases. As such, communication will be more effective and it may on the whole impact the efficiency of services.

  • Is the service private? Or is there a chance that some information will be shared with others?

    We adhere to the confidentiality policy, according to which all details are stored in privacy and never disclosed to the third parties. We try to make our company secure both for customers and writers. As such, eve in the communication process between them, no personal information, such as names, age, gender, contact details, is revealed.

  • During the time granted for free revisions, can I send only one revision request?

    Actually, no, clients are not limited to the number of revisions they can send during this period. You can send as many as needed and as you have time for.

  • Can I be certain that my essay will be free from plagiarism?

    Our anti-plagiarism policy is our demonstration of adherence to the principles of academic integrity. So, keep in mind that your paper is written from scratch according to custom requirements. Completed papers are sent to your private account and they are not disclosed anywhere else.

  • Who will work on my essay?

    A real professional in your major or essay topic will work on your order. We are careful and meticulous when assigning writers to work on custom papers. We make sure that writers meet all requirements and can cope with the needed level of complexity.

  • Can I ensure that my paper has been edited and proofread after completion?

    When you buy a VIP service, you can pick this option, “Get an order proofread by an editor” namely so after completion your paper will be forwarded to the editorial team. As such, you will be guaranteed a flawless paper.

  • Can I check whether a writer has started work on my paper?

    It is possible to manually check the order writing status. If it states “Processing,” it means that the writer is in process of writing your essay or research paper whatsoever. Besides, another indication that a writer has been assigned to work on your paper is that you can see the writer`s ID in the corresponding field. You can be also sent notifications via SMS if you pick a respective VIP option.

  • If I have made a fallacy in the order placement process, can I fix it? I have indicated one deadline, but then I found out that I need my paper earlier.

    As soon as you have clicked “Submit” button in the order registration form, you are no longer able to go back and change something. If you have got to know some updates about the task, you are welcome to contact our customer support team and forward all changes through them. Just provide us with the necessary information and they will do the rest for you. When you change the deadline, particularly when it becomes shorter, you will have to pay the compensation in price.

  • What should I do to order a paper and make sure that one of the writers who has already written a paper for me does it this time?

    You need to choose the “Preferred Writer” option. You can see this option while you are filling in the order registration form. When you click that option, you will have to fill in the field with the writer`s ID. Just go back to one of your previous orders that you were content with and copy the writer`s ID into this field. Remember that placing an order with this option will be 15% more expensive.

  • What are the duties of your custom writing agency?

    Our core responsibility when we get an order from clients is to make sure that the most relevant and appropriate writer is assigned. Then we make sure that our clients can get in touch with our service at any time of the day or night. That is why we operate 24/7. Last but not the least, we want to ensure top quality of writing, so editorial and plagiarism checks are a must.

  • Will your writers help me with some difficult assignment?

    Yes, we have writers on our team who can help clients even with challenging assignments or some papers of Master`s and PhD level. If you are not sure whether you can rely on us for help or not, you may simply send us your task and we will find out what writer is available to cope with it.

  • I encounter troubles with the payment process online.

    We do not directly deal with payment procedures, but at first, we recommend customers to try utilizing another browser or trying to pay from some other card. Lastly, you may always contact your bank and find out what the problem lies in.

  • I am right in the middle of placing the order. I am pressing “submit,” but the registration process will not proceed.

    As a rule, such issue happens when you have tried to attach many files. Therefore, you might see the gray page or loading process. Try refresh the page, delete the files, and then send them via email to the customer support center.

  • I paid for the essay, but I am still receiving messages that I should pay. How can I solve the issue?

    First of all, you need to check for sure that the payment has been successfully proceeded. Sometimes, a banking error may take place, when the money is not successfully withdrawn from your account. Second, if you have made sure that the money has been withdrawn, you should look for the payment receipt in your inbox. You will be able to send it as a proof of your payment. However, if there is no receipt and it seems that the money has not been withdrawn, then obviously the payment did not proceed successfully. In this case, try to use another browse/device/card/payment processing organization.

  • I want to make sure that my task can be handled. Can I get informed by you before I place an order online?

    You can send your instructions to our live chat support and the agents will find out whether there is a writer who can tackle the task successfully.

  • Why is it necessary to leave contact details, such as email address and phone number.

    We emphasize that customers should leave only valid information in their registration form since the contact information enables us to get in touch with clients in case of some urgent clarifications or updates. By leaving your contact information, you increase your chance on being contacted on time. As such, some important details may be effectively transmitted to you.

  • I got a notification that one of my orders will be refunded. I wonder how much time should I wait?

    According to the policies of our service, the refund process may take from three to five business days. However, it depends on the work of the banking service at times.

  • How can I contact my assigned writer?

    Each client is able to get in touch with the writer via the messaging system on the website. You need to log into your personal account, find the order ID and send a message to the writer. In urgent matters, or live chat support will help you get through to the writer in a quick way.

  • Where can I find my finished paper?

    All finished orders are found in the “My files” section. When you log into your profile and insert your order ID, you can check if the writer has uploaded the file into the section. If the deadline has expired, but you see no file, you need to contact the live chat support as fast as possible.

  • When will my writer upload the paper?

    Writers upload competed orders once the deadline expires. It actually depends what deadline you have set while filling in the registration form.

  • I need a book for the completion of my assignment. Can my writer buy the needed book to complete the task for me?

    We have such policy in our company that clients should provide all the materials that are necessary in the preparation process. If they cannot be downloaded for free, then a client has to buy them and then forward to the writer.

  • I have been trying to send the registration form, but all my attempts are unsuccessful. What might be wrong?

    Try to refresh the page. Pay attention to whether all fields (especially the required ones) have been filled out. Besides, check on whether the size of the attached files does not exceed the limit. If it does, then send the files via email to the customer support representatives.

  • My professor has provided updates on my academic writing task, and now I need one more page for my essay. Can I ask my writer to write it?

    If you need an extra page, be sure that you have to place a compensation order. As soon as your writer gets it, he/she will add the additional page(s).

  • I have mistakenly set a longer deadline. Can I shorten it after placing the order?

    You will have to get in touch with customer support representatives, inform them about the changes, and they will help you get through the process successfully. Instead of merely changing the requirements concerning the deadline, you will need to pay additionally for shortening the deadline.

  • I do not understand what order type should I select when placing the order. Can you help me out?

    Sure, just contact our customer support agents, send them the requirements, and ask for assistance with that. They will explore your requirements and get back to you with the solution ASAP.

  • Can I get a guarantee that my paper will be completely free from plagiarism?

    Plagiarism-free writing is somewhere on the level of our company`s values. Therefore, it is something that is ensured no matter what. Our company follows all principles of academic integrity, so each paper regardless of its topic, complexity, formatting, etc. is written from scratch. By the way, you will be able to scan your work by PlagiarismSearch on its delivery. Mind that such tool as Turnitin is not used by our agency since it saves the checked papers and, therefore, they cannot be scanned twice.

  • Do you promise confidential services?

    Yes, we do. Privacy is one of our ultimate values. To make the services comfortable for all users, full privacy is provided. None of the information is disclosed to the third parties.

  • Will my order be delivered on time?

    Whatever the order type, topic, complexity or deadline is, our core priority is to deliver your paper according to the deadline set by you. Always expect punctuality from our services.

  • Is it possible to negotiate prices?

    Actually, we have fixed prices. They depend on a number of factors, such as types of writing, style, academic level of writing, deadline, and paper length among others. Still, if you want to get an order cheaper, there are special offers and appealing discounts.

  • Can I talk with my writer in case I have encountered some problems or have questions?

    If you have comments, questions or updates, the only option to get in contact with your writer is via direct messaging system on the website. You are then able to send messages after logging into your account. In urgent cases, our live chat support may get in touch with your writer on their own and forward the message.

  • I cannot go through with the order placement process. The web page just keeps loading.

    Such delays are triggered by the exceeding size of the attached files. So, instead of trying to upload all files into the attached section of the order placement field, send them via email to the customer support team.

  • I want to place an online test with your company. I will have an online test with one-hour duration, but I cannot pick such deadline.

    Try contacting our customer support agents. Ask them to check whether there are writers who are available at that specific time of your test and specify whether there are specialists in the subject of your test. It is necessary to clarify these details before placing the order.

  • I was informed that my order will be refunded, but I want to get bonus credits instead of money.

    Contact our live chat support and notify them about your decision. When the bonuses are provided, you may have a chance to use them for partial or full payment of orders.

  • When will I get my essay and where will I see it?

    You will get your paper at the stated time — at the time that you mentioned in the order placement form. Where? In your account, in the “My Files” section you will be able to download the paper.

  • What type of order should I select when registering my paper?

    You may rely on our customer support agents in this case. They will closely investigate the instructions and help you pick the correct order type.

  • Can I be sure that I get an excellent mark when I order a paper from you?

    We never guarantee some specific marks. At the same time, however, we assure you that the quality of your paper will be impeccable. The simplest reasons why we cannot guarantee marks is because the grading process is subjective. We cannot be sure about how your professor will evaluate you, but we can be sure in the quality of writing that our writers provide.

  • Can I get my paper earlier than the set deadline?

    Only when you pay a compensation for earlier delivery. Our writers provide papers according to the deadline stated in the order placement form.

  • Who will complete my paper?

    Your paper will be written by a real expert in your field of research. When assigning writers, we make sure they specialize in the topic of your writing. Be sure that your writing expert will hold all the necessary experience.

  • Can I first check whether you can find a writer for my order and only then start registering my custom order online?

    Yes. Just visit our website and get in touch with the customer support team. Forward your instructions by email and they will clarify whether there are writers specializing in your area.

  • What is the pricing policy of your company?

    The cost of writing varied depending on a variety of factors. These may be the number of words required, the deadline, the complexity level, the topic, and others. You can check the price beforehand via the online calculator.

  • How can I get my finished assignment?

    Clients can download their papers on their own from their accounts. Another option is to have the orders sent via email by the company`s support team.

  • I want to place an order with you, but I have already written a part of it. Can you complete the rest of the paper for me?

    You can certainly rely on our writers` assistance. Be sure to provide that part of content written by you apart from the instructions.

  • What are the work hours of your company?

    The company operates 24/7 regardless of the holidays or weekends. You are welcome to contact us for help at any time of the day or night.

  • Do you work on urgent papers?

    Our writers can tackle even urgent assignments as we have a team of skillful writers who cope with academic writing even under stress. Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • I want a specific writer to write my paper. How can choose him/her?

    Find the previous order that you liked by a specific writer. Copy his/her writer`s ID into the new order form. Extra 15% will be added to your total sum for the order after you choose your preferred writer.

  • I want to get a revision of my order as I have noticed some flaws. Can I do that?

    Yes, you can send a revision request for free when you have a free revision period, i.e. within 2 days after the paper deadline expiration. When that free revision period has expired, you can place the revision order type for extra payment.

  • Do you guarantee top grades for papers that are written by your writers?

    No, we never guarantee grades, as we do not grade papers. We guarantee only excellent quality of tasks provided by our expert and qualified writers.

  • Can my papers be checked for plagiarism on your website?

    If you buy VIP custom writing services, the “The Plagiarism check” option namely, your papers can be scanned for plagiairsm by ThePlagiarism.com for one year for free.

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