Research Topics

Challenge of Choosing Good Research Topics

The time has come and you are assigned a research. This always happens to students; and you are not the first person who ends up having this task on his hands. Well, now it’s important to start working on your research. But the start is always the most challenging part of any task - be it a simple essay paper or a serious academic research. In your case it’s very important to choose one of the available research topics. A lot depends on that choice, so you have got to take it seriously. Here are a few steps to follow in order to choose the right topic.

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The first thing to do is to find out or to recollect what is research. It is going to take quite some of your time and you need to have a precise understanding of what to do. Then you should choose several topics available. You need to realize that the topic, which seems to be the most interesting and attractive, may not be the best choice. When working on the topic, you may face the problem of not having enough research tools. If it is a social research, you need to take into consideration the amount of time the practical part of it may require of you. Another important factor which needs to be taken into account is the number of sources you can get a hold of on the subject. You need to make sure that not only electronic sources are available. It depends on the college or university, but generally it’s required to have not more than 30% of electronic sources. So, make sure you can buy or borrow books on the chosen subject.

Looking for Source Materials

Now, it’s clear that your task is to make sure that there is enough paper source material on your topic, that among other research topics you have chosen the right one. But how to do it? One way is going to your local library and working with their catalogue. But you can go about it in an easier way. It’s a very good idea to go online and search for materials on your subject. First of all, you will see all the online resources available. Then, you will get to know about the majority of fundamental works, which have ever been published. Looking through them, you should make a list of those ones which you will definitely need in your work. See, what methods of research are being used most often in your field. Having come up with the list of the sources, try to find them in the electronic catalogue of your local library. Some of them will not be available. But that’s not a reason to give up. You could look for ways to buy such books or magazines. At times you can find them very cheap, if you buy them used or in a digital format.

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Having analyzed all the collected information you will be able to see how good the chances are for you to make a good research with this number of source materials in hands.

Resolving Possible Problems

But there are cases when the variety of research topics is not that wide and you can’t come up with the right one. Or maybe the topic has already been chosen and you need to deal with it despite the shortage of sources and, maybe, even time. Isn’t there anything to undertake under such unfortunate circumstances?

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