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The moment you face the assignment to write a term paper or a long essay for the first time, you can feel a little scared. To write your paper you have to follow general advice. If there are specific guidelines given by a professor, you have to follow them.


It is important and useful to choose a working title as you create your composition because it can help you with focusing on your work. The final title must be exact and brief.  The title is very important as it announces the specific content of the paper and as usual is connected to the thesis of the paper.

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An introduction gives you an opportunity to show your individuality. You have to get reader’s attention by the first few sentences that illustrate your general ideas or arguments.

The introduction of the paper needs to determine and narrow the paper’s content and purpose, point out some organization’s sense and offer a general argument. The introduction should be focused on problems to give the reader a background of the importance of the paper.  A thumb rule about the length of the introduction: about 5-10% of the whole paper.

Essays and papers can be written either from the first person or from the third one.

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Thesis Statement / Objective

As usual, essays and papers have direct thesis assessments or purposes. But you could not find them in a separate part of the paper; in most papers the thesis or purpose is located at the first or the last sentences of the introduction. A good thesis must be unique and belong to the paper where it appears. Thesis statements, as usual, forecast the content of the paper or suggest that the essay or the paper is a reason for a special way to think about the topic. You need to avoid a mechanical way of writing, for example, “The first thesis of this paper is x. The second thesis is…” and so on. You should better announce the main details of the topic and offer your basic approach – prepare us to the conclusion of your paper if you can.

Body Paragraphs / Section Headings

Never consider the middle part of the paper or the essay as "body" overflowing with information lumped into one huge section. You should organize your paper’s body into sections using all-embracing principle which maintains your thesis. Usage of section headings is allowed to help yourself and the readers to follow the paper’s flow as well. Section headings must be clear, worded exactly like every title should be and tell us the paper’s story.

What is more important, the section headings must be used in a way that your thesis statements are used: to checkout, narrow and organize all your thoughts.


In most papers "Conclusion" is used as a final text’s section heading, but headings like "Future Trends" can be used as well. When it is time for you to write a conclusion you have to look back at the introduction and emphasize the objectives one more time or even go back to the introduction in a new light to show how the essay or the paper has led to that change. The conclusion should be not a paper’s summary or just a tacked-on ending; it should be a logical and essential realization of the goals of the paper.

Avoid opening the last paragraph with "In summary,” and "In conclusion," as well, and then totalize the paper. Your whole conclusion has to be standing as elegant argument’s termination. In conclusion you have to be concentrated on opening the bottom line of your paper or essay.

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