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Whatever the field of study all students are required to do a certain amount of English writing for their college assignments.  They will be required to submit essay assignments as part of all their coursework and, at university level, the standards expected in writing are high.

Writing skills are developed in English classes.  At high school, students are taught how to write essays, term papers and research papers.  Sadly, however, a lot of students struggle with essay assignments throughout their academic careers because they are not skilled in essay writing at the standard required for college and university level.

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To help students in this respect, we offer some tips that cover all the types of English writing that they are likely to come across.  We hope the information we offer is useful to those whose English grammar is not so good or who are unsure how to go about writing any type of custom assignment.  Once English speaking students master the basics for each type of assignment with our writing classes, they will find it much easier to tackle any type of assignment they are tasked with.

Common Essay - Fundamental Form of English Writing

In most English courses, essays are common assignment and their types include analytical, compare and contrast, descriptive, explanatory, narrative, persuasive, reflective and responsive essays. Sometimes, English speaking students are allowed to choose specific subject matter from a wider-ranging topic list.  There are important techniques, which many learn through writing classes, to help writers structure their thoughts in order to produce an organized and cohesive final custom paper.

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It is better to organize descriptive and explanatory essays by developing an outline and then separating your topic ideas logically into paragraphs. The outline helps prevent the writer from digressing.

The student will usually recount a story in a narrative essay. To retain focus, they should generally organize the essay by describing each event graphically and placing them chronologically into paragraphs.

A venn diagram is a good means of organizing a compare and contrast essay to clearly demonstrate an idea’s or object’s similarities and differences. Using the diagram will help the writer stay focused.

The student should take a solid stand in a persuasive essay and provide factual data to support their opinion to the exclusion of all other points of view. Organizing this type of English writing into columns helps the writer to list what they perceive as the pro’s and con’s of the subject.

In an analysis essay, the writer is required to reconstruct their subject matter and end it with a conclusion that sets out their opinion and commentary. For instance, if the essay question asks the writer to opine on whether a particular piece of art fits the impressionist model, then they need to examine all the characteristics of the work and determine whether it does or not. A good method is for the writer to make a list of the characteristics in order to analyze them.

A reflective or responsive essay requires the writer to provide an opinion on something they have seen, read or heard. This type of work is often hard to organize because there is a lot of scope to elaborate. The most effective approach is to try and give some sort of priority to the thoughts that come to the writer’s mind in descending order from the most important to the least.

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Although it is important to organize an essay well and know a great deal about English language usage, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best grades. Logical flow, smooth transitions and good English grammar, molded into a cohesive paper with a persuasive introduction and conclusion, will help attract high grades.  Knowing a good deal about English language techniques and having a good essay example to guide you helps a lot.  And you can buy exceptional essay examples on any topic from PrimeWriting.net at a price that is quite cheap.

Sometimes, students still lack confidence even when they have an example to guide them and, instead, seek to buy papers at affordably cheap prices from an online source. Our expert online writers can provide original work in complete confidence. By contacting PrimeWriting.net, you can find any essay help you need at a price you can afford.

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