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Progressive Delivery

Our company provides an exceptional service, i.e. progressive delivery allowing to carry out extensive and complicated double-spaced papers consisting of 20+ pages and the single-spaced ones consisting of 10+ pages.

Pluses of using the offered service:

  • Since the work is dispatched to customers in units/drafts* for approval before the due date, they will be able to check on the writing progress.
  • A free revision is possible within 30 days (free revision of a regular work is only 2 days).
  • Your project will be handled by one of the ace writers and editors.
  • A customer’s assignment will be supervised by a personal manager to guarantee both its efficient completion and productive communication between the client and the assigned writer.

The mode of sending drafts is the following*:

  • orders with the time frame of 4 or less days – one draft is issued within 50% of the specified deadline (e.g., if the urgency is 1 day, the draft will be sent in 12 hours) in the volume of 25% of the entire work (e.g., if the paper is 40 pages, the draft will comprise 10 pages);
  • projects with 5-11-day deadline – two drafts are forwarded within 25% and 50% of the determined time period in the amount of 25% and 50% of the whole paper accordingly;
  • assignments with the time frame of 12 or more days – three drafts are issued within 25%, 50%, 75% of the imposed deadline in the form of 25%, 50%, 75% of the complete project accordingly.

Its worth is merely +15% to the assignment total price.

* If a customer wishes to obtain an assignment by other means, we can establish a particular procedure to meet his/her demands and order requirements. Under the circumstances, it is necessary to discuss the details with the supervisor monitoring the order.

Additional Services for Projects Containing less than 20 Pages

  • Brief Summary

You can get a concise 1-page summary of your project presenting its key idea and main points. Customers who need to disclose the principal facets of the topic will benefit from this option in particular.

  • Project Draft

By referring to this option, clients will be issued a 1-page draft (300 words for double-spaced projects and 600 words for the single-spaced ones) of the assignment after the half of the set time frame expires. For example, if the deadline is 10 days, a draft will be provided in 5 days.

  • Extended Revision

We grant a free revision within 2 days after order deadline expiry. As to the extended revision, it lengthens a no-cost revision period to 14 days! Testimonials

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