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Writology Limited (Cyprus Reg. No. HE 360665), 1-3 Boumpoulinas Street, Bouboulina Building, Office 42, P.C. 1060, Nicosia, Cyprus ("us", "we", or "our") operates the website.

Thank you for making time to browse our website and for taking an interest in the services we offer. We take every possible step to safeguard your personal information from various types of misuse and, indeed, this is our company’s top priority. Below, we endeavor to explain why we collect certain types of data and what we do with it.

To achieve the best possible level of cooperation with customers, we collect information about those who browse our site and those who use our services i.e. our customers.

All data is collected by a secure web server and may include:

  • Time you access our site
  • The type of browser you are using and
  • They type of OS (operating system) you are using

The type of data described above does not compromise your identity. Our sole purpose for gathering it is to fine-tune and customize the information on our website and to improve this in terms of content and presentation. Data of this type is not sold, shared or in any way publicized.

Use of Cookies

Like so many other websites, our site uses cookies – primarily for two reasons i.e. to provide an enhanced navigation experience and to amass valuable statistical information. For example, it helps to know how often our site is used, when people visit and so on.

What Personal Data is Collected?

During the process of registering on our website, we may ask for such contact information as your name, telephone number and email address. Any data we collect is used solely for the purpose of completing orders, e.g., to get clarification or approval from a customer for some aspect of an order. Therefore, if we are to get the answers we need from you to deliver the best quality service, it is important the details you provide are correct. The only people who have access to your personal details are our staff and we never share, sell or publish customer data.

Your personal details are never shared with your writers to protect your privacy. Please do not share any personal details with the writers directly. All sensitive data is kept strictly confidential. You are fully responsible for the outcome of sharing your personal information (such as logins, passwords, e-mails, phone numbers) with the writers.

Is Payment Processing Secure?

As well as using reliable and secure payment systems, our Financial Department asks for proof of identity. All of this protects you from online fraud and ensures billing information is kept confidential.

Customer Rights/Entitlements

Please feel free to contact our customer support personnel if you need to change, correct or delete any information on your profile page. Testimonials

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