Free «This Tale is about a young Girl and a Wolf» Essay

This Tale is about a young Girl and a Wolf

This tale is a bout a young girl and a wolf that desires to eat the girl. This story has been change form generation to generation.

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Little Red Riding Hood is a girl that is named after the red hooded cape she consistently wares. The grandmother of the girl was sick and Little Red Riding Hood could always take food to her. The wolf desired to always eat the girl whenever he saw her but could not do so in public. One day the wolf comes up to the girl to ask where the girls have been going an innocently the girl answered the wolf.

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The wolf proposes that it’s important for the girl to pick some flowers for the grandmother, as the girl went to pick the flower. The wolf got a chance to go and see the grandmother pretending to be the girl. He later eats the grandmother and waited for the girl as he pretended to be the grandmother.

After a short while, the girl arrived and she immediately noticed that there was something wrong. She looked at the grandmother and started commmenting, grandma where did you get those big teeth’s and the wolf would respond “the better to help me eat you”. The girl asked again “grandma where did you get those big eyes” the wolf responded “the better to help me see you when am eating you” and immediately swallowed the girl.

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Likely, a hunter arrived and killed the wolf by cutting the stomach. The grandmother and the girl appear unharmed. They later throw the wolf in the well to drawn and swears to welcome strangers.

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