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Review of the Movie “Up in Smoke”

The movie describes Anthony who does not have a job. He is advised by his parents to seek one or to go to a military school. Anthony and his friend are Marijuana smokers. They embark on a journey and on their way they park the car along a traffic meridian while they enjoy smoking. Consequently, these young men are arrested by the police for the offences and are subsequently arraigned in court. The Judge acquits them on grounds of technicality. Here reveals the fact that the Judge’s water pitcher is found to be containing vodka instead of water.

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The plot of the film goes on and the young men join Strawberry who is a Vietnam War veteran; together they scheme on how to get their way to Tijuana where they are destined to attend a wedding. They disguise and end up being deported to Tijuana. As they plan on how to return to the United States of America, they arrange to smuggle a van that is built with the resins extrated from Marijuana. On their way, they carry along two women from whom they inquire about the availability of some Marijuana. They are told to seek it from a police dispatcher who normally sells it once confiscated by the police to be used as evidence. The dispatcher Gloria informs them that the stock is over but it will be available once a raid is done. There, however, is some Marijuana in the parking lot the police are unaware of.

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A police officer on a motorcycle avoids arresting Anthony and his friend upon getting high from the smoke of the ‘fiberwood’ emanating from the van. After being given a hot dog which he asked for, the officer allows them to continue with their journey. The film ends with the two bands winning the battle and a recording contract for the performance of their song. They become victorious after everyone is stoned because of the large amount of Marijuana smoke coming from the burning van.

Representation in the American Legislative Process

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People of America elect leaders periodically to represent them in the Senate, Congress, Presidency and other democratic offices. The members elected to the legislature form the first branch of the American government. It makes policy proposals which are to be considered, shaped and then turned into public law. Any legislation passed by them must promote the welfare of people. In this case, any legislation would be intended to curb the illegal activities involving smoking Marijuana and the complacency that is evident on the police to fight such criminal activities. Legislation would then be formulated to dole punitive measures to deter any persons who may want to be involved in the wrongs connected with Marijuana in order to protect the public against any such substance abuse. Hence, the movie is important in highlighting the deficiencies in the American legal framework.

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