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Pandora's Effect

In recent years the availability of avenues that support illegal download of music have undoubtedly bore a bone of contention. Music piracy as stipulated in the essay, has become the most affordable way to own music especially to young people, students alike, whom in most cases will relent to the cheapest means at their disposal.

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 The coming of file sharing websites such as Pandora’s box, napster and limewire obviously pose a threat to the music industry in that, the channels of distribution are compromised therefore leading to reduced sales. It is true for instance, that sites such as Pandora’s box are a nightmare to music companies, having fuelled multiple law suits, but these websites are flexible enough and worth the temptation they offer their users. Being provided by the genre of music that you desire is a clear fact shying the populace away from conventional radio stations whereby the choice is made for you. Apart from that, it is true that access to new music at the earliest of times is also a factor stimulating preference.

One issue left out is that, these so called piracy avenues popularize music artistes a great deal in that they register large crowds during open air music concerts. Its seen by the tendency of say, pandoras, to create an awareness network based on its 6 million followers. Nevertheless, music companies tend to decrease volumes released in bid to control piracy since it’s very true that legal action against individual offenders has proven futile. It is also worth noting that artistes and copyright owners should have their way regarding music. Therefore logically their wish should be considered first. In conclusion the issues discussed in the essay are of great concern to the people since they touch on economic matters, mass appeal and the plight of musicians who form a large part of the population.

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