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Presidents and Governors

The Presidents or Governors are elected when the majority of population supports them. The support is gained not easily and is usually backed up by a fierce election campaign. The campaign is aimed at promoting the candidate and giving an overview of his or her program that is going to be fulfilled in case of victory. Thus, the decision that people made when choosing a particular candidate is based on several criteria. First of all, the politician’s previous reputation is taken into account. In case the track record is positive, there are higher chances that the politician is going to succeed. Besides, people clearly have a look at the suggestions that are made and see if they coincide with their expectations. The last but not least is that, just like in case with advertising or buying a product in the supermarket, people make emotional decisions. The last element is essential in politics too, when people tend to vote for a person because he or she seems sympathetic or charismatic.

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Now, what happens when the person is actually elected? In fact, several factors come into play. First of all, a newly elected President or Governor is always more popular than the previous one, who has made mistakes. People’s hopes are always attached to the future, which is quite natural. When a new executive is in the office, he stills has this handicap of trust because the results are not to be expected immediately. However, as time passes, it becomes clear that the chosen candidate cannot or is not going to implement everything that he or she has promised. Being in this position is a complicated job, and people do make mistakes. Besides, these mistakes are always closely watched by opponents and the media, and of course they are translated to the audience. Thus, it is natural that a glossy image of the politician vanishes over the time, and ratings drop by the end of the term.

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