Free «What Kind of Thinker Are You?» Essay

What Kind of Thinker Are You?

Critical thinking is a purposeful mental activity which can be both conscious and unconscious. It helps to formulate and solve problem, make decision, understand and search for the answers. Critical thinking is the ability to have one's own vision and perception of the world. Moreover, we develop our critical thinking when we learn, analyze, criticize, compare and identify something. Critical thinking includes such processes as observation, imagining, remembering, inquiring, interpreting, analyzing, evaluating and judging. Combining all these processes we think critically.

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During my class I have learnt that according to their abilities to think people are divided into “left-brained” people and “right-brained” people. “Left-brained” people use more non-verbal communication, symboli and intuitive responses. “Right-brained” people use more verbal language, logical responses and analyses. Our mind has two distinct phases – the production phase and the judgment phase. In the production phase our mind produces various, creative ideas to one problem (creative thinking). In the judgment phase our mind examines and evaluates any ideas and makes its judgments (critical thinking).

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Having this course, I have learnt many interesting facts. Earlier I thought that good thinkers are born, but now I realize the importance of developing my thinking skills. Let distinguish what we need to learn to think critically. First of all, we must know at what time we are open for learning. Secondly, we must know what place is suitable for learning (home, park, library, etc). Thirdly, we must distinguish what conditions inspire us to llearning (music, watching TV, etc). After I began this course I have become more disciplined in organizing my learning process. I got to know the details of developing creative and critical thinking. 

In my opinion, I have already passed the production phase. I am in the judgment phase because when I learn or create something, I can pick the suitable conditions for the work and later get a good result. Now when I am working, I am completely absorbed in this activity and I can concentrate on it, forgetting about everything except for my task.

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Without doubt, I am not yet at the stage of master, but I am already on the way to reach this stage. I am convinced that we should broaden our outlook because the broad-minded people have another, much more interesting and deeper vision and perception of the world.

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