Free «Strategic Context of public Management and Leadership» Essay

Strategic Context of public Management and Leadership

The answer on what outcome measures to use will depend on the objectives this program has to achieve. The program has to ensure that produced helicopters are safe. This leads to coming up with outcomes related to safety of helicopter that are to be measured. These outcomes should reflect the desired results that are expected from this program. These outcomes will often involve change in attitude, skill, status, knowledge, ability, process measures, and policies among others.

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Examples of outcomes expected from this program will include the following. Helicopters produced are fitted with the newest safety gadgets that the technology hs to offer. They are able to perform assigned functions without putting the personnel in unnecessary risk. There is improved ability in response to emergency situations.

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Outcome measures that are discussed here will look at the characteristics of the outcomes. The first measure considers the innovativeness of the outcome (Edelenbos, Klijn, and Steijn 2011).  This measure will seek to know whether the project came up with a new idea, a new process or improved the existing ones. The outcome on the helicopter’s improved response to emergencies can utilize this outcome measure. Another element used is the relation of cost and benefit. This will evaluate the resources that are available to be used in the program and the performance that the finished product gives. The benefit gained from fitted safety gadgets in helicopter can be evaluated and compared to the resources put in.

Next, the effectiveness of the outcome is also a measure (Edelenbos, Klijn, and Steijn 2011).  This measures whether, for example, fitting safety gadgets or improved response to emergencies are the best ways of improving safety. This will measure if and how effective an outcome is.

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Other measures include future effectiveness of the outcome and the impact to the other parts in the production process.

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