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The Meal Pill

For a man to survive, food is compulsory. Additionally, children and infants require food for growth and development. People must eat a balanced diet to remain healthy, get the energy to work and move on with life. It is not only compulsory but also important to eat. However, the foods people eat require proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fibre and minerals amongst other nutrients. After considering how important it is for people of all ages to remain healthy, Futuristico has come up with an exceptional product that satisfies the nutritional value within a pill. Futuristico has created the meal-pill that carries a balanced diet for a whole meal. The meal-pill provides all of the necessary nutrition that a human requires in a pill form. Current offerings are: ‘Breakfast bite’ and ‘Lunchtime lump’ and ‘Supper surprise’.

The Breakfast bite is a capsule size pink pill that is more than two cups of milk, bread and two bananas for breakfast. The breakfast bite is not only easy to swallow but also gives an individual a good start. It has all the energy required to make a successful day. Additionally, it makes it easy to have breakfast without taking bulky wheat products and tea among other breakfast foods.

The Lunchtime lump surpasses the most costly meal at five star hotels. The brown medium size pill has enough proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins for daily activities. One only needs to swallow one Lunchtime lump and the day is victorious.

In the evening after a long day’s work, the supper surprise comes with the best surprise. It is a golden pill that makes an individual rest with no strain. It has a strong combination of nutrients that are easy to digest, leaving one with enough time to rest and be ready for another day.

Futuristico products are affordable, quality, delicious and nutritious!

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