Free «How Economic Forces Shape Pornography and Sports Programming» Essay

How Economic Forces Shape Pornography and Sports Programming

Over the last decades, globalization of global economic operations has rapidly been taking place. Most firms have gone global by investing in the global markets to increase their economic and market dominance powers. The media and other social networks are keeping up with the process. For instance, while the business community sees e-commerce as a breakthrough in the market expansion, communication, sporting and social networks also have their say over the role of the Internet. However, the use of social sites and media has adversely affected the economic performance of many productive industries both internally and externally. The most affected sectors of the economy are labor force and market productivity.

According to economics and market experts, the increasing acceptance of the Internet and social network sites by the business community has transformed the industry. Economic forces, therefore, play a fundamental role in determining the course of action for sporting and pornography. According to a survey of the effects of e-commerce (I-ECON) on the economy of the United States, this booming industry generates revenue to the tune of $300 billion and provides employment to approximately 1.2 million workers. The finding further established tha I-ECON accounts for more than 3% of the annual GDP of the U.S. and about 1% of the U.S. labor force. This is an indication of the importance of this sector. The growth and scope of I-ECON is driven by fundamental and basic demographic forces. Currently, at least 72% of the American population access Internet services, thus attracting massive investments from firms such as

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The research conducted by economic experts has revealed that pornography and video sports games are increasingly becoming more popular among Internet users. For instance, some research findings have revealed that children spend more than 87% of their time on the Internet playing popular video games such as football (popularly referred to as FIFA). On the other hand, adults spend valuable periods of time either tweeting, face-booking or watching pornographic videos. The pace of I-ECON influences a number of Internet services. Some of the economic forces which impact on Internet sporting and pornography are demographic variables, incomes of Internet consumers, demand and supply forces, accessibility of resources, and the cost of providing these services.

Over the last decades, there has been a dramatic shift in the demand for Internet services. However, the largger fraction of this increasing demand for the Internet is observed in online sporting and obscene videos such as pornographic movies. The increase in the demand for the Internet among the entire generation, has led to increased pressure on online resources. This excessive pressure on limited resources has resulted in the prices going up for Internet and electronic gadgets. Suppliers, sensitive to market changes, have advanced to supply these on-demand goods and services at a relatively higher cost as the forces of demand overpower those of the supply in I-ECON.

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Other economic forces which potentially affect this luxurious industry include changes in the demographic data, income of the consumers, and the concepts of public goods. Demographic statistics have changed all of a sudden. Unlike the recent past, when Internet services had little value, the rise in global population has increased the pressure on the need for modern approach to business and communication. Given the higher cost of excludability of these resources, once provided, Internet services are made accessible to everyone, including minors. This unrestricted access to the World Wide Web has led people to indulge in pornographic and online sports programs at the expense of the productivity of the labor force.

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