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Choose 5

Case 1

Question one

This situation creates numerous problems for many customers. The production team is to blame for not ensuring that customers receive a precautionary note about a file. McAfee explains that the issue results from what it terms as limited coverage of product and its operating system (Lucey, 2004).

Question two

The common impact of this concern both to the producer and its customers is that both parties lose their data due to inability to reboot their computers. This may lead to lose many lucrative opportunities which can be availed by the computer thus losing critical information.

Question three

Management tries to hide vital information from its users. This attitude makes customers angry, and if I am a customer I will look for other companies that sale good anti-virus software other than MacAfee’s.

Their behavior is acceptable in the sense that if they disclose the defects of their products, the competitors will use it against them thus dragging McAfee out of business. The company has a lot of investors and has a moral obligation of protecting their financial interests.

Question four

What the Company should put in place is on  is  coming up with mechanisms  of handling similar problems in the future, this is achieved by conducting tests of their products before offering them to the market.

Second Case

Question one:

The benefits come in various ways. Firstly, it is quite easy to use; this makes it possible for users to get value for their money invested.

Secondly, use of is comparatively low-cost since it does not involve specialists and workforce hence they are not expensive since there is no operating, licensing and maintenance charges. Thirdly, its accessibility makes it easier for both the web browsers and mobile devices since their performance are more stable than those provided by its competitors.

Question two

The main challenge is that larger businesses are not using; they are photocopying its accomplishments. Duplicating its success means that larger multinationals may put them out of business because these other firms can sell similar products at cheaper prices. However, smaller firms roll out subscriptions constructed versions of these companies’ merchandises.

The established companies are more prominent since they have more customers and a wider geographical coverage than They have enough resources to drive smaller firms out of business by retaining its current customers and appealing to those of smaller companies.

Another challenge faced by this firm is to duplicate its business models in new markets. This initiative is counter-productive because different markets may require different models. The last challenge is that many users rely expect the service to be in operation around the clock, but many at times problems occur forcing to consider other options.

Question three

Am of the opinion that small ventures would achieve more than bigger firms from this service. Larger companies cover all markets across the world. Smaller firms, on the other hand, are unable to cover a wide geographical area. Laudon (2001) notes that, the company needs to advance in order to meet the demand of larger capacities.

Question four

The main factors that this company have to emphasis on be when making a decision on using this service include; availability, security, and performance. No firm would want to invest in a reference that is lacking these factors. An upcoming business is likely to look for a service that exhibits the above qualities.

Third Case

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Question one

The main shortcoming of this situation inability to keep medical records. A larger proportion of healthcare expenditure is on medical recordkeeping. Medical records are usually kept in either files or folders, which makes it difficult in accessing information.

This problem can be done away with by the use of electronic medical recording systems; they are very efficient and the information is easily accessible.

Question two

Assembling an electronic medical record (EMR) system is challenging. These challenges include; business, human problems, and technology related factors. The human factor consists of government organizations, patients, insurance schemes, and medical practitioners.

When it comes to medical practitioners, the problem comes with longer training hours it takes them to be conversant with an EMR scheme successfully. They are already short of time thus making it hard for them to use the system successfully.

Government and its agencies play a vital role in making the system a success. The government’s goal is to have an EMR system by the year 2015 in every medical center. The ultimate target of having a fully implemented EMR everywhere remains a challenge. There are many systems that can be put in a medical facility, but rarely do all these facilities coordinate with one another.

Insurance fiirms normally play a critical role in EMR systems. With such a system in place, processing of claims can be achieved immediately. The last problem above comes in with people who worry about the confidentiality of online medical records.

Fourth Case

Question one

The importance of this system is that it is very economical and efficient. This is because travelers are able to plan for their journeys easily since they pay and check online. For the airline companies, these systems makes it easy when it comes to flight inventory management.

It makes it easy to communicate with other airline companies in terms of code sharing plans. Because ticketing officers are able to access real time information about bookings and available seats.

Most of the Airlines systems of reservation impact on operational procedures and decision making criteria. It makes it cheap to maintain accounts with other companies, and also makes internal activities efficient.

Question two

Upgrading a reservation system may lead to problems, which angers customers thus damaging loyalty of their customers. Another risk witnessed is delay which is due to system upgrading. It impacts negatively on customers who may resort to use the service of other airlines in future (Sadagopan, 1998).

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Question three

The problems that each airline faces in the implementation of its new strategy can be categorized in terms of management, organization and technology. JetBlue Airline experiences a managerial problem such that it fails to cancel its flights thus losing millions of revenue.

West Jet experiences a technology related problem when it fails to transfer 840000 files. The files contain data relating to customer’s flights resulting in many missing their flights. The problem is also organizational related in that West Jet fails to anticipate the transfer of files and fails to reduce its passenger loads.

Question four

The steps I would take to control the risk in these projects include; hiring of persons that are highly skilled and make them managers with the responsibility of running the affairs of the airlines.

Some of the risks are as a result of organizational problems; the best solution here is structuring, scheduling and assigning of roles to respective employees so as to achieve organizational harmony (Gupta, 2011).

Finally, the technology in use has to be easy to use by the relevant stakeholder. The system should possess the ability to convey and transmit data more easily so as to reduce the time spent on serving customers.

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