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Student Interaction Experiences

This article is primarily focused on the peculiarities of schooling in the northern states of America where the teaching approach is quite special. However, the implementation of policy has encountered substantial difficulties. The aim of the article under review is to outline the differences between success of remote students and those who attend ordinary educational institutions.

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Moreover, it is specified by the study that students who study at a distance tend to the so-called insufficient attention syndrome. In other words, they feel the lack of care and the inability to manage lerning problems independently. Moreover, all their whims are always indulged by their teachers, and this practice contributes negatively to the development of their instincts due to the fact that they do not feel the necessity to cultivate their skills and instincts, even on a subliminal level.

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After completion of the study, leading pedagogical luminaries came to the conclusion that the most important in the scientific development of students was not the ability to have access to the technological advancements of civilization, but their intensive inner communication withh teachers.

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With regard to the conformity between title and course of the research, the authors did not perform any deviation from the outlined course of the research. They have shown proficiency, and the material was outlined accurately and comprehensively while the empirical substantiation lacks evidences (the theoretical background is flawless). In relation to implementation and interpretation of the ideas, it is justified to speculate that the ideas and evidence are concordant. The conclusions are entirely substantiated and based on the thesis statement, ascertained evidence and combination of the theories.

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