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Source Evaluation

The source of this article was “delineator” where the author sought to criticize an article written by Edna Kenton. The author did not create the source for personal use, rather it was meant for the public. The public was the targeted audience by the author. The main purpose of this source was to address the issue of women oppression that was witnessed in 1900s (Barlow, 2009). The source is against feminism and her main view is that women should be treated just like any other person in society.

The original audience for this source was Edna Kenton and other male chauvinists. It was a response on an article witten by Kenton on feminism (Edna, 1914). Kenton states that feminism gives men more fun, children better parents and women greater scope hence life becomes more charming.

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Most of the issues addressed by the author are concerns on women oppression in society. The author indicates that feminism should not be taken as a concrete thing that can be touched by hands or even seen by the eyes.

The author believes that the audience likes experimenting with life. She indicates that “it is a generation made up of experimentation with life”. She also believes that the audience is materialistic and women should seekk their personal goals through their own paths.

Several things have been changing over time, and one of them is women empowerment. As a modern reader, the issue of women oppression seems to be forgotten especially in the developed nations. The views of the author may contrast with the modern reader as women have been largely empowered.

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From the textbook, it is evident that women have been living under poor conditions due to oppression and segregation. Several women movements were formed to fight for the rights of women. The author has confirmed that through mentioning “tremendous women movements”.

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