Free «Love in a Blue Time: A Theoretical Paper» Essay

Love in a Blue Time: A Theoretical Paper

”Love in a Blue Time” is one of the most fascinating narratives. It has a collection of highly educative and touching stories that focus on present-day society. In particular, I am attracted by one short story known as, ‘My Son the Fanatic.’ The story raises the various problems that immigrants tend to encounter in a foreign land. In recent years, many people from different communities have been accused of adapting to the western way of life. Studies have shown that a majority of people from the developing countries tend to believe that western traditions are superior to their customs (Stearns, 2003).

In this essay, I will be focusing on the text, “Ali criticizes his father’s way of life because, in his opinion, his father is too complicated in western Civilization” (Bart, 2001). I associate with the words cited in this essay, that due to western influence I have found myself engaging in activities that add little value to my life in the name of being civilized. These words are of foremost importance as they touch upon some cultural aspects that are disturbing scholars and people in the society.

The story tells about Parvez who moved to Britain from Pakistan. He moved to Britain with Ali, his son. The author uses Ali to demonstrate how children in the modern society are lost in drugs and other unethical behaviors. The author uses the story to explain to the reader how people are influenced by foreign cultures and end up forgetting their roots.

Parvez is an example of those people who tend to alienate their cultural practices after migrating to foreign land. Being a Muslim, he is not supposed to eat pork or drink alcohol. His son Ali criticizes him for allowing western civilization influence him to the extent of going against his cultural and religious beliefs. In addition, the author uses the story to show how important it is to respect one’s ethnicity, be proud of it as well as respect one’s religious beliefs whether or not a person being in a foreign land. The story is a description of how western civilization has led many people from developing countries to believe that their customs are weak. Thus, the storyline warns the reader on the dangers of alienating one’s mores and adopting new, foreign ones. Western civilization has influenced Parvez to an extent that now he gets into some dangerous behaviors like overdrinking and living a totally different lifestyle. Parvez’s actions break the relationship that existed between him and his son Ali. Therefore, the narrator uses the story to warn the reader on the dangers of engaging in activities that are contrary to his/her religious and cultural beliefs as it was the case with Parvez (Kureishi, 2011). From the excerpt and the entire story, some lingering questions keep coming into my mind. Is there a superior tradition in the world/? Has western civilization led o evils in the developing world? What are the implications of alienating ones culture? What makes one undermine his ethnicity at the expense of western civilization?

The story is a cultural narrative since it educates people on the need to respect their roots. Civilization is a crucial aspect of socio-economic emancipation across cultures. Despite the changes in their environment and lifestyle, Ali stands true to his character, unlike his father who pretends that culture can be buried as long as one is making money. I believe that people should not compromise even when situations are difficult to handle. In addition, a person should not pretend in order to make a living. As to what concerns Ali, I feel a deep sense of respect and consider him as a champion of cultural values. Another trait that I find critical in embracing cultural norms is that Ali is willing to show that diversity is beneficial and should be celebrated. Although he comes from the Muslim world, yet he makes considerable strides in sporting activities. This goes on to prove that talents are universal. This is contrary to his father who pretends he is not a Muslim and can do things contradicting his beliefs (Kureishi, 1999)

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The story is educative and can serve as a means of teaching people to respect and value their background despite the influence they get from foreigners. One cannot live on an island. Therefore, a person will always interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. People should learn from each other and embrace the cultural aspects that add value to their lives. The story can be used to put emphasis on the need of individuals to be proud of their cultural and religious beliefs. The description can give a practical case of Parvez who gets into a problem after getting himself implicated in western civilization, which makes him forget his cultural roots. This short story can be used for the cultural festival. This will encourage people to embrace their ethnicity since no society should be considered as superior to another.

I was first drawn to this text because I have a keen interest in studying the implications that western civilization has had on developing countries. Over the years, western civilization has been accused of being in the forefront in accelerating some of the problems currently experienced in the developing world. Civilization has been used as a tool by western powers to spread their imperialist regimes across the world. Advocates of western civilizations tend to make people from developing nations believe that their mores are inferior, and they should embrace the western ways of life given that they are the best. As a result, most people have lost identity leading to many evils in the society. This has in turn created a vacuum in most of the developing societies; thus leading to a high rate of poverty and crime in these communities. The text is, therefore, of importance as it helps to reflect on thee implications that western civilization has on my communities’ development socially, economically and politically. The story also gives real life examples, which I can easily relate with as a reader thereby making me more drawn to it.

In this essay, my thoughts regarding the short story are that there is the use of real life examples that can be useful in forming a cultural tale. First, the narrative gives a story of what is happening in various communities around the globe whereby people have alienated their customs at the expense of western traditions. The real examples can be used to compose a cultural story that people easily relate to. Cultural events should be developed in a way that those who are affected by them can easily feel that they are part of the described events. In recent times, one needs to come up with cultural events that are more concerned with resolving cultural problems such as neocolonialism that people face in different parts of the world.

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My ides concerning the topic can be used to create a compelling narrative that touches on sensitive cultural issues in the modern society. The danger that comes with embracing others people’s ways of life at the expense of their own should be the centre of developing any up-to-date cultural description. The storyline should be more focused on discouraging evils that emerge in the society because of cultural alienation. The influence of western civilization should be the centre of modern cultural tale. The story should be aimed at decolonizing the mind of individuals from developing countries, which have been colonized by western civilization. In the short story,” Love in the blue times” the author uses Ali as an agent of decolonizing the mind of his father from the negative influence of western civilization. Tales should also be used as tools of restoring pride in their ethnicity, which have been demeaned because of western cultural influences (Salmon, 2010). In the case of decolonizing our mind, the account should be used as agent of bringing cultural freedom, which has been the main cause of many evils in the developing countries. Short stories like this one can educate people of the need to maintain their cultural values even in a foreign land.

In conclusion, the excerpt from this story forms a basis for rethinking and embracing our cultural values. The storyline uses the case of Ali and his father to demonstrate the dangers of negative impact of western civilization. The civilization, according to the story, weakens one’s moral values, and in turn, an individual loses self-respect and individuality. In addition, the story encourages us to embrace cultural exchange, but we should not at any time see one society as being superior to any other. From this tale, it is sound to conclude that stories are the most powerful instruments that can be used to fight negative western civilization influences on communities.

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