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  • How to Start Your Email Properly

    How to Start Your Email Properly

    When writing a letter, its beginning, that is, greeting the addressee, plays an important role. Therefore, in order to write the proper letter from the etiquette point of view, you need to know some rules. Always remember that the form of appeal in the letter depends on the degree of familiarity or kinship with the person to whom you are addressing the letter. Here is the general greeting model: Dear (My dear) + the name of the addressee As a rule, the polite greeting is expressed by the forms Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Sir, Madam, which are used only with the last name. Greeting your ...

  • How to Write a Date with Commas Correctly?

    How to Write a Date with Commas Correctly?

    When it comes to the American format of writing dates, it is important to use commas in dates, separating the date from the year as well as the weekday from the month with commas: Wednesday, June 15, 1995. Even though this is considered to be the most common format with regard to dates, there are certain exceptions. In the following paragraphs, you will be able to get closer to this issue. In what way should you write a date that consists of the month and the year? What is the correct way of writing a date only with the month and the year? It is worth mentioning that, when it comes to ...

  • Tag (TAG) in a Thesis Statement

    Tag (TAG) in a Thesis Statement

    Is writing academic papers just a pain in the neck for you? Don’t worry, we know how to help you to get rid of any pain of such kind. Let’s start from the beginning. The key element of any text is a thesis statement. It is the core of the paper. Any academic paper is considered complete and well-structured only with a clear thesis statement. Thesis statement itself consists of the TAG. Do you know what it is? TAG is an acronym, and can be explained as Title, Author, and Genre. The TAG is a tool used in teaching students how to create a good thesis statement. At the beginning ...

  • Consequences of Stealing

    Consequences of Stealing

    Stealing is a negative activity which affects both the person performing the act and the person that’s being victimized. It has both personal and social consequences. On the personal side it harams the individual whose personal belongings were stolen emotionally and it also harms the individual who steals, because he’s cultivating negative behavior in himself which can only lead him and others to suffer. On the social level, it shows a negative example and makes some people think of stealing as about a way to earn money, which is completely unacceptable in a developed society ...

  • Guide on the Usage of APA & MLA Styles

    Guide on the Usage of APA & MLA Styles

    Each student has to be ready to accept the fact that during the studying process it is impossible to escape from such an assignment as writing research papers, which will occur often and will have to be done without excuses. Be ready to deal with scientific works, thesis, term papers, and less scary tasks as essays and case studies on different topics, which, by the way, have to be written and formatted according to the academic standards. What are these standards, how and when to use them, read below. The most common academic writing styles are considered to be APA & MLA styles. APA ...

  • Confucianism vs Taoism in Comparison and Contrast Essay

    Confucianism vs Taoism in Comparison and Contrast Essay

    Writing such sort of essays is a serious challenge. Comparison and contrast of any religious confessions is a complicated task because students usually find confusing what to include and what to start with. However, any essay must have a distinct logic and structure and such types of assignments are no exception. That means that everything will work if you fill each logical "container" with relevant information. To be more specific, you may do this as follows: Belief as Such Every single religion bases itself on some fundamental belief. So, the difference/similarity in these beliefs ...

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