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  • Grammar Rules of Direct Speech Usage in Writing

    Grammar Rules of Direct Speech Usage in Writing

    An essay is not just a plain text as it may include various types of inserted materials. This is a topic that requires walking an extra mile to get to know how it all is regulated by grammar. The reason for these insertions is pretty obvious. Citations are very often applied in order to affirm a certain argument and prove that it is veracious. So, it is high time to get to know everything about quotation marks usage. The issue appears to be one of the most confusing, which is why many students may get puzzled when citing a piece of text. Additionally, it is not clear when to write a ...

  • Why You May Fail During College Examinations

    Why You May Fail During College Examinations

    People are not equally intelligent. Even though a person’s origin plays an important role in the ability to perceive knowledge, all the kids have approximately the same brain capacity. Therefore, the question arises why some students tend to be smarter at college while others happen to fail during their curricular. There are a lot of reasons for the students’ failures at college. Sometimes, their perceiving capabilities are not able to get the content that is being revealed on the lectures – most of all, the reasons lie in the college or home environment. Nevertheless, ...

  • How to Complete a Successful Research Paper on Microeconomics

    How to Complete a Successful Research Paper on Microeconomics

    It is no surprise that every student is required to study the courses of micro and macroeconomics due to the study program. Even though the words denoting these subjects may sound familiar for everyone, even for those, who are not really into the topic, these are two absolutely different branches of science. For instance, microeconomics aims at investigating demand and supply. It concentrates on the way an individual behaves. Moreover, it covers the things that happen at the markets, within household and business to sell goods profitable there. Therefore, it can be a real challenge to ...

  • American Dream Essay

    American Dream Essay

    Almost everyone is familiar with the notion of “American dream.” However, not many people know what this idea holds within its meaning. Moreover, does it have a presence in the life of every American or is it just a vague concept that was invented to boost the national spirit in times of adversity? Most people will agree that the American dream can be summed up in one sentence: it’s the ability to be successful, control your own life, and enjoy it on a daily basis. Sounds pretty fulfilling, doesn’t it? However, a clear definition of the American dream doesn’t ...

  • Tips on Writing an Excellent Rhetorical Analysis

    Tips on Writing an Excellent Rhetorical Analysis

    Students often receive a task to write a rhetorical analysis. In most cases, students are required to conduct an analysis of a particular article, book, text, film, artwork, TV Show, or any other work, which contains some information and arguments.    Rhetorical analysis refers to a written criticism, which includes the rhetoric study fundamentals. They help to identify the connection between the work, the author, and the readers. Rhetoric is considered to be the reasoning art. This study teaches correct ways of informing, convincing, and motivating the opponents in a particular ...

  • Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management

    Any company or organization needs human resource management because it influences the whole work process of this company or organization. The principal goal of human resource management is to make sure that the employee performance is maximized. However, sometimes a number of challenges emerge and they affect the way human resource management works. Today, we face the emergence of innovative issues and trends in human resource management. Some of them are especially important. Let us discuss them further. Technology. This essential trend affects human resource management in a number of ...

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