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  • The Importance of Community Service and Volunteering

    The Importance of Community Service and Volunteering

    The statement that the volunteer movement and social work are elements of social responsibility and highest manifestations of a developed civil society is not accidental. Today, the role of the volunteer movement is becoming increasingly important for the social development of society. Modern society more than ever needs to be aware of the need and importance of volunteer movements. The development of volunteering is important for society as a whole and its individual sectors, as well as volunteers themselves. For an individual, participation in volunteer activities contributes to ...

  • How to Use Instagram Easily

    How to Use Instagram Easily

    Instagram has won the hearts of many users. Today it is used not only for personal pages but for business as well. Developers constantly add new features and improve it. Here are some tips on how to use Instagram more effectively. Work with Filters In order to make your photos more vivid, social network suggests using different filters. You customize them for yourself. Since not all of them are used in work, it is worth simply removing unnecessary ones. To do this, click on the filter and hold it a bit, and then slide your finger from the bottom up. If you do not want to delete anything, ...

  • A Few Things You Ought to Know Before Applying to University

    A Few Things You Ought to Know Before Applying to University

    Still wondering what university to pick? Even though it is going to become your new home for several years, you should not be too anxious and worried about this. Taking into consideration the fact that it will be a decision that can change your life, don’t make haste regarding it. What is more, this might be compared to a big leap to another stage of your life – adulthood. Remember that you will need to face certain problems concerning many things, and so will your course and dorm mates. It’s stressful and often quite challenging. However, it is necessary for you to be ...

  • 7 Intriguing Stories for Detective Connoisseurs

    7 Intriguing Stories for Detective Connoisseurs

    If you’re reading this article that means you’ve seen Sherlock Holmes movies and series more than once. I agree very few writers can compete with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, there must be other masterpieces of detective stories to enjoy. My investigation revealed 8 cases that are worth your attention. Which one will be found guilty for its brilliance? Immortal Detective Classic C. Auguste Dupin Series by Edgar Allan Poe French charm and mysterious atmosphere take you back to the middle of the 19-th century. That was the time when Edgar Allan Poe introduced the detective ...

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