• Reflective Cycle

    Reflective Cycle

    There is an interesting method that encourages you to think systematically about the phases of experience or activity in psychology. It is very easy to use it, but it is very useful. Many people believe that the best learning is experience. This is right, but why do some people learn faster with the help of experience (with equal time spent), while others hardly understand what needs to be done? The second type of people is constantly doing the same thing, and this experience is not useful for them. The Gibbs model will help you to take all the best from different life situations, and ...

  • 5-Paragraph Essay Definition

    5-Paragraph Essay Definition

    It is common knowledge that the most widespread format of essays is a five-paragraph one. You can meet it in many academic-related spheres, for instance, while doing TOEFL, IELTS, or the SAT. Another common requirement for completing this assignment is limited time, which means that while you are restricted in time, the need to be ready for the writing section grows. A practical trick is to know the structure of a five-paragraph essay on any possible topic. Once you get familiar with it, you will accelerate the process of compiling any type of writing, as well as will do it more efficiently ...

  • Consequences of Stealing

    Consequences of Stealing

    Stealing is a negative activity which affects both the person performing the act and the person that’s being victimized. It has both personal and social consequences. On the personal side it harams the individual whose personal belongings were stolen emotionally and it also harms the individual who steals, because he’s cultivating negative behavior in himself which can only lead him and others to suffer. On the social level, it shows a negative example and makes some people think of stealing as about a way to earn money, which is completely unacceptable in a developed society ...

  • Tips on Writing an Excellent Rhetorical Analysis

    Tips on Writing an Excellent Rhetorical Analysis

    Students often receive a task to write a rhetorical analysis. In most cases, students are required to conduct an analysis of a particular article, book, text, film, artwork, TV Show, or any other work, which contains some information and arguments.    Rhetorical analysis refers to a written criticism, which includes the rhetoric study fundamentals. They help to identify the connection between the work, the author, and the readers. Rhetoric is considered to be the reasoning art. This study teaches correct ways of informing, convincing, and motivating the opponents in a particular ...

  • Is the Society a Key Factor for Shaping a Personality?

    Is the Society a Key Factor for Shaping a Personality?

    Under present-day conditions, we lead a hectic lifestyle and rarely wonder whether we have a noble obligation in this life or not. What is more, we rarely wonder what actually has brought us to this particular time and place. Most of us have come to terms with the theories of human development, which claim that such things as opportunities and surrounding define who we are and who we will be in the near future. All things considered, we are taught to adapt to the realities of the present world and to evaluate our decisions and actions through the societal attitudes.  What is more, ...

  • Topic Sentence of the Argumentative Essay

    Topic Sentence of the Argumentative Essay

    An argumentative essay is a special paper in which the author should prove his or her theories with the help of arguments. Such texts have a special structure. In the works of this type, there are many facts. This is a rather difficult task, which very often has to be prepared by students. Not everyone can write such work at the first time, but everything is possible if you train and do your best. Here is some useful information that will help you learn what an argumentative essay is and how to write a good topic sentence. Secrets of Argumentative Writing Special Features of Such ... Testimonials


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