• How to Complete a Successful Research Paper on Microeconomics

    How to Complete a Successful Research Paper on Microeconomics

    It is no surprise that every student is required to study the courses of micro and macroeconomics due to the study program. Even though the words denoting these subjects may sound familiar for everyone, even for those, who are not really into the topic, these are two absolutely different branches of science. For instance, microeconomics aims at investigating demand and supply. It concentrates on the way an individual behaves. Moreover, it covers the things that happen at the markets, within household and business to sell goods profitable there. Therefore, it can be a real challenge to ...

  • How to Write a Date with Commas Correctly?

    How to Write a Date with Commas Correctly?

    When it comes to the American format of writing dates, it is important to use commas in dates, separating the date from the year as well as the weekday from the month with commas: Wednesday, June 15, 1995. Even though this is considered to be the most common format with regard to dates, there are certain exceptions. In the following paragraphs, you will be able to get closer to this issue. In what way should you write a date that consists of the month and the year? What is the correct way of writing a date only with the month and the year? It is worth mentioning that, when it comes to ...

  • How to Create a Research Paper about Bipolar Affective Disorder

    How to Create a Research Paper about Bipolar Affective Disorder

    The Essence of the Disease Bipolar affective disorder was formerly referred to as manic-depressive psychosis. It is a prolonged and persistently inherited mental health disorder. This disorder is characterized by moods that differ from usual mood swings. Depressive, manic and mixed states alternation, asymptomatic periods or periods when symptoms are poorly expressed can be observed. Patients with bipolar affective disorder are extremely likely to suffer from alcoholism or other drug addiction. Abundant use of alcohol contributes to the increase of both manic and depressive symptoms. At ...

  • Tag (TAG) in a Thesis Statement

    Tag (TAG) in a Thesis Statement

    Is writing academic papers just a pain in the neck for you? Don’t worry, we know how to help you to get rid of any pain of such kind. Let’s start from the beginning. The key element of any text is a thesis statement. It is the core of the paper. Any academic paper is considered complete and well-structured only with a clear thesis statement. Thesis statement itself consists of the TAG. Do you know what it is? TAG is an acronym, and can be explained as Title, Author, and Genre. The TAG is a tool used in teaching students how to create a good thesis statement. At the beginning ...

  • American Dream Essay

    American Dream Essay

    Almost everyone is familiar with the notion of “American dream.” However, not many people know what this idea holds within its meaning. Moreover, does it have a presence in the life of every American or is it just a vague concept that was invented to boost the national spirit in times of adversity? Most people will agree that the American dream can be summed up in one sentence: it’s the ability to be successful, control your own life, and enjoy it on a daily basis. Sounds pretty fulfilling, doesn’t it? However, a clear definition of the American dream doesn’t ...

  • How to Use Instagram Easily

    How to Use Instagram Easily

    Instagram has won the hearts of many users. Today it is used not only for personal pages but for business as well. Developers constantly add new features and improve it. Here are some tips on how to use Instagram more effectively. Work with Filters In order to make your photos more vivid, social network suggests using different filters. You customize them for yourself. Since not all of them are used in work, it is worth simply removing unnecessary ones. To do this, click on the filter and hold it a bit, and then slide your finger from the bottom up. If you do not want to delete anything, ... Testimonials


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