American Dream Essay

American Dream Essay

Almost everyone is familiar with the notion of “American dream.” However, not many people know what this idea holds within its meaning. Moreover, does it have a presence in the life of every American or is it just a vague concept that was invented to boost the national spirit in times of adversity? Most people will agree that the American dream can be summed up in one sentence: it’s the ability to be successful, control your own life, and enjoy it on a daily basis. Sounds pretty fulfilling, doesn’t it? However, a clear definition of the American dream doesn’t exist because every person perceives it differently depending on their background, mindset, and psychological predispositions. While its visions will vary between people and epochs, it’s sufficient to narrow the American dream down to three constituents – success, freedom, and equality.

The desire to break the chains of mundane lifestyle and rise above others on the wave of success is the power that can lead people to impressive achievements. The idea of success is so deeply rooted in American mindset that it creates a vast opposition to the views of people, who are not natively American. Immigrants and people, who have received American citizenship, usually have their own version of the American dream. For them, it’s merely the possibility to have fresh food for dinner every evening, to provide their children with appropriate education, and be sure of the safety of tomorrow. However, these people are also striving for success relying only on their own hard work and perseverance. Eventually, the idea of having the control over your life in your own hands also becomes a part of the American dream for immigrants.

One of the benefits of American society is that everyone has a chance to shine. You might be born in an unfortunate family but still end up being a millionaire after years of pursuing your goal. Nevertheless, it can also spiral the other way round, and people born with a silver spoon in their mouth have a chance of ending up at the bottom. This boils down to the fact that people have a freedom to choose the way they’ll follow without it being predetermined by social circumstances. This also covers a different part of the American dream, which focuses on working to make your dreams come true. According to it, there are no obstacles that would be big enough to block the view of your dream. With that being said, the American dream gives people hope that everything is possible.

Finally, the American dream means that you should be able to freely follow your religion, take pride in your race, love whoever your nature makes you love, and stay true to your own identity. Every person is a personality and instead of judging the differences, we should celebrate the diversity our world is blessed with. America has gone a long way of realizing this and there are still steps to be taken, but everyone will agree that a big improvement has been made in valuing other people.

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All in all, the American dream is the freedom to work hard in order to achieve your dream and take your life in any direction you want without being judged.


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