• Grammar Rules of Direct Speech Usage in Writing

    Grammar Rules of Direct Speech Usage in Writing

    An essay is not just a plain text as it may include various types of inserted materials. This is a topic that requires walking an extra mile to get to know how it all is regulated by grammar. The reason for these insertions is pretty obvious. Citations are very often applied in order to affirm a certain argument and prove that it is veracious. So, it is high time to get to know everything about quotation marks usage. The issue appears to be one of the most confusing, which is why many students may get puzzled when citing a piece of text. Additionally, it is not clear when to write a ...

  • The Importance of Community Service and Volunteering

    The Importance of Community Service and Volunteering

    The statement that the volunteer movement and social work are elements of social responsibility and highest manifestations of a developed civil society is not accidental. Today, the role of the volunteer movement is becoming increasingly important for the social development of society. Modern society more than ever needs to be aware of the need and importance of volunteer movements. The development of volunteering is important for society as a whole and its individual sectors, as well as volunteers themselves. For an individual, participation in volunteer activities contributes to ...

  • Profile Essay Writing Tips

    Profile Essay Writing Tips

    Often, students are puzzled by the tasks they are given in high school or university. While it is so easy to mix up some types of essays and waste a lot of time or get an unsatisfying mark. Here is an article on writing a profile essay. Get to know to begin and compose a winning essay following the tips above. What Is a Profile Essay? Getting started with any academic assignment, you should be aware of the characteristics of the type of paper you are going to complete. Therefore, we will determine the meaning of a profile essay first. It is a kind of descriptive writing that usually ...

  • Why You May Fail During College Examinations

    Why You May Fail During College Examinations

    People are not equally intelligent. Even though a person’s origin plays an important role in the ability to perceive knowledge, all the kids have approximately the same brain capacity. Therefore, the question arises why some students tend to be smarter at college while others happen to fail during their curricular. There are a lot of reasons for the students’ failures at college. Sometimes, their perceiving capabilities are not able to get the content that is being revealed on the lectures – most of all, the reasons lie in the college or home environment. Nevertheless, ...

  • How to Start Your Email Properly

    How to Start Your Email Properly

    When writing a letter, its beginning, that is, greeting the addressee, plays an important role. Therefore, in order to write the proper letter from the etiquette point of view, you need to know some rules. Always remember that the form of appeal in the letter depends on the degree of familiarity or kinship with the person to whom you are addressing the letter. Here is the general greeting model: Dear (My dear) + the name of the addressee As a rule, the polite greeting is expressed by the forms Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Sir, Madam, which are used only with the last name. Greeting your ...

  • How to Write a Bibliography According to MLA & APA Style

    How to Write a Bibliography According to MLA & APA Style

    Unlike a common essay or research paper, to write a bibliography, you only need the list of sources you used to examine a certain subject. To be more precise, it is more like a detailed reference page. The bibliography is usually located at the end of your paper. You can make your writing preparation significantly easier if you put down every title, name, publication date, and author when giving any quotes. Consider the Following Aspects which You Need to Include in each Category Author’s name The title of the book, article, etc. Year of publication Pages (if you inserted any ... Testimonials


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